8 of the Best Easter Baking Recipes

Whether you’re looking for a decadent Chocolate Cake for Easter Sunday, or some Easter biscuit recipes to keep the kids quiet, we’ve got you covered! We share some of our favourite Easter baking recipes from some of the leading UK websites!

The long bank holiday weekend over Easter is the perfect time to dig out your apron and spend some quality time in the kitchen. Some yummy ideas for the Easter weekend include:

  • Easter Bunny or Easter Chick Biscuits for the kids
  • Chocolate Easter Nests
  • Simnel Cake
  • Carrot Cake
  • Chocolate Easter Gateau

Make our exciting Easter recipes for the entire family over the holidays. Kids will adore these iced biscuits, chocolate brownies, bunny cupcakes, and seasonal bakes.

Chocolate Easter Brownie Bites (BBC Good Food)

This recipe makes 24 mini brownies which the kids will love. Mini eggs are tucked inside these delectable brownie bites; they’re a perfectly sized sweet treat that’s fun to make with the kids during the Easter holidays.

Easter Rocky Road Recipe (BBC Good Food)

This is an easy recipe which makes 8-10 blocks of Rocky Road. Kids will enjoy making this smart no-bake Easter rocky road with leftover chocolate. Make a tasty treat using mini chocolate eggs!

Honeycomb Recipe (BBC Good Food)

AKA Cinder Toffee, Hokey Pokey and Crunchie…there are so many names! Making your own caramel necessitates time and concentration, but the product is a bubbly, crunchy cinder toffee that is well worth the effort.

Mary Berry’s Simnel Cake (Red Magazine)

This delectable fruit and marzipan concoction is a traditional Easter treat. Mary Berry’s simnel cake is the ultimate Easter treat, and it’s the ideal bake to share with your family during the long Bank Holiday weekend.

Gluten Free Easter Carrot Cake (London Kitchen Diaries)

Carrot cake is a wonderful Easter classic – beautifully moist, deliciously nutty, and finished with a smooth cream cheese frosting, it makes a beautiful centrepiece! This carrot cake is made of ground almonds instead of flour, resulting in a gluten-free cake that is just as tasty as those made with flour.

Hot Cross Bun Recipe (Nigella Lawson)

In Nigella’s recipe she makes the Hot Cross Buns a little smaller than you might see in the shops, but feel free to make them the size YOU want! She insists you use proper bread flour rather than plain flour. You don’t need to be an expert baker to make these, despite what you might think, but just have confidence and patience!

Easter Biscuits Recipe (Only Crumbs Remain)

These traditional old fashioned cookies are called Easter cookies, since they were baked and given in Easter. They are lightly spiced which currants, and make a difference from traditional chocolate recipes. They are delicious.

Chocolate Easter Nest Cake (BBC Good Food)

Create a spectacular eye-catching Easter cake. This one is super easy, and the kids will help to decorate it by filling the pretzel nest with their favourite chocolate eggs. Serves 12-15 people.

There’s still time to get baking with any one of these delicious Easter baking recipes!

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