Best Cupcake Recipes for Families

Spending precious time with family, catch-up over tea and cake? Or do you fancy experimenting in the kitchen with the kids? Either way we’ve selected some of the best cupcake recipes that families can get their teeth into.

Cupcakes really are one of most simple recipes – which is why they are great to bake as a family and the kids love getting involved. Equally, arriving at a family gathering and seeing a tray of delicious cupcakes really is a great feeling. Show me someone who doesn’t get a smile on their face when they see a yummy cupcake and I’ll show you a liar!

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite recipes. From super-simple vanilla cupcake recipes to more complicated and flavoursome combinations, hopefully you’ll find something you like here. They are perfect for parties, birthdays or other celebrations. Also, no messing around trying to cut a big sponge cake into equal slices. Every cupcake is uniquely portion-controlled!

Why are these our best cupcake recipes? Because at some point or other I baked these for my husband and our two children for birthdays or parties. Tried and tested by my family, a connoisseur of cupcakes!

Easy Cupcake Recipe for Beginners

simple cupcake recipe

Probably one of the easiest recipes and definitely the place to start if you are novice or your kids are helping. Getting this basic recipe down to a fine art if the key – a bit like every good sauce starts with a roux. You can add different flavours and icing but if the basic cupcake isn’t right, what’s the point?!

Chocolate and Orange Cupcake Recipe

chocolate and orange cupcake recipe

Produced for one of my children’s birthdays, these were a hit. Yes, the giant slab of Terry’s Chocolate Orange nestled in the icing helps. But even so, this is a gorgeously moist and fluffy cupcake with a zesty hit of orange. Would be a perfect dessert after a Sunday Roast – maybe with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Coconut Coffee Cupcake Recipe

coconut coffee cupcake recipe

Rather a grown-up recipe, I’m not sure the kids will necessarily buzz (!) off this one. With the aroma of holidays and after-dinner espresso, this recipe will produce 12 deliciously fluffy cupcakes!

Gluten-Free Cupcake Recipe

gluten free cupcake recipe

If you need a variation for someone who is gluten-intolerant, but want to make sure you can still produce a light, fluffy, tasty cake, this recipe is perfect. These cupcakes are buttery, crumbly and delicious, and dairy-free!

Strawberry Coconut Cupcake Recipe

strawberry coconut cupcake recipe

A rather glamorous variation on the original cupcake recipe, these cupcakes include dessicated coconut, freeze-dried strawberry pieces, vanilla extract and white chocolate curls. Perfect for a baby shower or a little princess party!

Choc Chip Cupcake Recipe

how to make choc chip cupcakes

If the kids are involved you run the risk of these not necessarily looking the most attractive cupcakes (children don’t understand ‘even distribution of ingredients’) but they still taste yummy. One of the easiest recipes ever, and a little bit like a McFlurry you can edit the chocolate you put in – you could try Smarties, After Eights, Rolos…or just stick with basic chocolate chips!

Milk Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

milk chocolate cupcake recipe

If you have any chocoholics in the house, this is a good basic chocolate cupcake recipe. Really simple to put together, and produces most, delicious cupcakes. The addition of grated milk chocolate makes them particularly moreish – you won’t stop at one!

My favourite? The chocolate orange…

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