Best Cupcake Recipes from Scratch

Preparing some treats for friends, family or a socially-distanced party? Don’t be tempted to nip to the supermarket and buy a tray of days-old, over-processed cupcakes! Also, avoid the ‘ready-made’ cake mixes you can buy. Yes, you can use them, but you’ll feel dirty afterwards! It takes no time at all to whip up a batch of light, fluffy cupcakes. Besides, how good will you feel when you can say to your friends or family, “I made these!” For that reason, we’ve pulled together some of the best cupcake recipes from scratch to give you some pointers. Even the most nervous or novice baker should be able to have a crack at a few of these yummy recipes. Awesomeness awaits you! First things’ first. You need to make sure you have all the requisite baking equipment if you are baking these from scratch. Before you get started, read our guide on Baking Equipment for Cupcakes to make sure you have everything you need.

Chocolate and Orange Cupcakes

best cupcake recipes from scratch

Remember that feeling when you received a cube at Christmas and you just knew it was a Terry’s Chocolate Orange? This is that feeling in cupcake form – yummy, chocolate orange cupcakes. Feel free to embellish the recipe to your own style. We found some cute little orange jellies to go on top, but you could grate some orange zest on top of the icing to mix it up. (Note: This does NOT count towards one of your five-a-day!)

Coffee & Coconut Cupcake Recipe

coconut coffee cupcake recipe

The perfect recipe if you want a sophisticated cupcake flavour (coffee) which in addition tastes like holiday (coconut)! In fact, imagine an espresso mixed with a Bounty bar and transformed into a scrummy cupcake – this is that! Best of all, I’ve made it a few times with a slice of Bounty bar on the top – the kids love it!

Gluten Free Cupcake Recipe

gluten free cupcake recipe

If you need a recipe which has no gluten in it, this is perfect. Really simple and easy to whip up, and tastes delicious. Don’t assume gluten-free means flavour-free, it doesn’t. Not with this recipe! Light, fluffy and hint of vanilla. Simple, gluten-free elegance.

Lemon Cupcake Recipe

lemon cupcake recipe

Fancy something a bit zingy? Fed up of sweetness and want a ‘tart’ cupcake? If a lemon drizzle cake feels like a bit too much effort, bake these scrummy, zingy lemon cupcakes from scratch instead. Enjoy the an incredibly light, airy and springy sponge. Best of all, the buttercream icing and lemon curd in the centre means these are a real treat.

Milk Chocolate Cupcake Recipes

milk chocolate cupcake recipe

Obviously, we needed to include a chocolatey recipe! One of the best cupcake recipes from scratch, and a super-simple recipe, and will take you no time at all. Moist, delicious with extra choccy flavour from the cocoa powder and grated milk chocolate. Top with your favourite icing, and maybe add some of your favourite chocolates on the top as decoration – the kids love Smarties on this one (actually, so do I!)

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