Best Utensils for Baking Cupcakes

I’ve certainly bought my fair share of utensils for baking cupcakes over the years. I’ve inherited plenty too, from parents and grandparents. Some of them are brilliant and I keep them for years, others don’t work quite so well and stay in the back of the drawer! Life in the kitchen is much easier when you have the right tools, that’s for sure.

There is definitely a ‘minimum level’ of equipment you need in the kitchen before you begin to tackle baking cupcakes. If you’re a baking novice (which is fine, by the way, we love you!) then you’ll need to stock up on some basics. If you are a seasoned baker (pun intended) then you might be in the market for an upgrade. Either way, there has never been more choice!

We list below a selection of the best-rated utensils for baking cupcakes we could find, and have also thrown in a few fun suggestions. You need to keep your baking experience light and fun, just like the cupcakes 😊

12 Piece Silicone Muffin and Cupcake Tray (2 pack)

best utensils for baking cupcakes

This dual-pack of versatile, simple-to-use cupcake trays comes with a spatula and brush (you can never have enough!). Perfect for endless cupcake, muffin or cake recipes. The silicone material flexes to allow ‘easy release’. No stuck-on foods or encrusted cupcakes which won’t come off without scrubbing. Durable, high-quality silicone resists warping, bending and sagging and if looked after should last a lifetime. Dishwasher safe and no risk of rust. Can be used in the oven and microwave. Family-friendly, food-grade BPA free material – and no plastic odour! Perfect addition to any baking cupboard, available in red, blue or one of each!

12 Cup Non-Stick Cupcake and Muffin Baking Tray

best utensils for baking cupcakes

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of silicone and prefer the sturdiness of a metal baking tray, this is a sensible, great value choice, Made of heavy-weight carbon steel, this cupcake tray provides durability and fast-even baking. Non-stick surface for easier cleaning.  Washing the pan by hand is recommended, and avoid using metal utensils to keep the non-stick finish intact. Perfect not just for cupcakes but also muffins, Yorkshire puddings, pizza dough balls and mini pies!

24 Coloured Silicone Cupcake Cases

best utensils for baking cupcakes

Want to bake, save money in the long-term and have a positive impact on the environment? Move away from disposable paper cupcake trays, and own some super-practical, reusable silicone cases. Non-stick and stain-resistant, these cupcake cases and made of high-quality food-grade approved silicone. Heat-resistant, dishwater, freezer and microwave safe. The moulds are flexible and cab be adapted to your cupcake or muffin trays or just placed flat on a standard baking tray. 24 bright-coloured cases for your mini muffins!

24-Piece Multi Shape Silicone Cupcake Moulds

best utensils for baking cupcakes

If you’re looking to break away from the standard round cupcake cases, these fun silicone moulds are for you. The kids will love them, and great for birthday or engagement parties, baby showers or weddings! Reusable, non-stick and heat resistant moulds in 4 different shapes: Star, Heart, Rose and Round. Made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone, these cases and non-toxic, resist stains and are easy to clean. Heat resistant up to 250C/480F and also safe for use in the freezer. Impress your friends and family with some yummy rose or heart-shaped cupcakes or muffins!

Cupcake Corer

best utensils for baking cupcakes

In baking terms, not much makes me gasp – but this did! Definitely one of the coolest little gadgets for cupcakes we’ve seen in a while. If I want to create a hole or a dip in a cupcake to drop some jam or Nutella in as a surprise (don’t judge me) I would typically use a sharp knife. Not any more! This handy tool should be part of every cupcake-makers baking arsenal. Really easy to use, remove a 2cm diameter hole and fill with your surprise filling. Great for cupcakes, muffins and doughnuts.

100-Piece Cupcake and Muffin Baking Cases

best utensils for baking cupcakes

Supplied in 4 different, vibrant colours, this 100-piece set of cupcake and muffin cases should keep you going for a while. The colours are prefect for kids parties or any event where you want a splash of colour. Cases re made from food-grade paper, safe and odourless. Oven safe at 200C, and the cakes are really easy to remove from the vases. Excellent, great value choice for birthday parties, weddings, festivals, baby showers and anniversaries.

Giant Cupcake Baking Tray

best utensils for baking cupcakes

Sometimes you need to step away from the everydayl. Eddingtons manufacture fun, practical and innovative homewares which are a ‘little bit different’. This is a great example. Weight-cast aluminium and non-stick, this baking tray creates a GIANT 3D cupcake. The base and the top are 16cm in depth each, so when baked and put together the cupcake should be approximately 30 centimetres/12 inches tall, a standard rule size. Decorate the base of the cupcake with icing and then place the ‘peaked’ bit on top. Decorate at will! We’d recommend a really simple recipe of 12oz of self-raising flour, caster sugar, butter and 6 eggs (yes, 6!). Both elements will bake at the same time. Yummy and impressive – blow your friends and family away with a giant cupcake which will serve 12-16 people!

106 piece Cupcake Decorating Kit

best utensils for baking cupcakes

Everything you could ever need for decorating the yummy cupcakes you are making – all in one handy package! Don’t worry about wasting time looking in lots of different places for your cake decorating supplies; they are all here. This set includes the vast majority of accessories a baker will need to decorate their cakes. It includes (amongst other items) a rotating turntable, 54 piping nozzles, 12 silicone cake moulds, cake smoothers, scrappers and cutters as well as a brush cleaner, pastry bags and disposable icing bags. Ideal for beginners as well as professionals.

2 x 24 Mini Muffin or Cupcake Baking Trays

best utensils for baking cupcakes

Every now and again you’ll need to bake a batch of bite-sized treats, and with these two trays you can make 48 mini muffins or cupcakes! Smaller dough amounts in each cup means a shorter baking time, so if you also need them in a hurry, these are perfect. Excellent non-stick coating and heat resistant up to 230C. Dishwasher safe and suitable for oven and freezer. Each muffin/cupcake will have a diameter of 5cm – for perfect bite-sized little cakes!

3-piece set of Silicone Spatulas

best utensils for baking cupcakes

Again, another baking essential you can never have enough of, and in different sizes is very practical. Heat-resistant silicone spatula heads mean you can get into the corners and scrape your super-hot baking trays or casserole dishes without melting. Ideal for scraping cake mixture from the side of a bowl to ensure you get every scrap, mixing ingredients or getting into fiddly spaces like jars. Securely-attached plastic handles (16.5cms long) and hole for hanging storage.

Heat-Resistant Kitchen Oven Glove

best utensils for baking cupcakes

Don’t be one of those people (like my husband) who insists on taking things out of the oven with the nearest tea towel, regardless of how dirty it might be. Use one of these heat-resistant kitchen oven gloves instead! With a raised non-slip textured diamond pattern, these gloves are made from eco-friendly and high-quality silicone for the outer, and soft polyester cotton filling. Offers protection up to 260C/500F, and also down to -45C in freezer conditions. And they are much more attractive than tea towels!

Set of 9 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

best utensils for baking cupcakes

How often do you find yourself squinting at the markings on your measuring spoons because the writing has faded away? Forget that, choose the deeply-engraved measurements so you’ll never make a mistake again! Comes with the relevant teaspoon and tablespoon measurements as well as the ml measurement. Say goodbye to easily cracked plastic spoons, and choose premium food-grade 18/8 stainless steel. Handles are thicker and longer than other spoons, the deep to hold both dry foods and liquids better. Dishwasher proof.

Rayware 0.5 litre Chip-Resistant Earthenware Mixing Bowl

best utensils for baking cupcakes

With its iconic patterned exterior, this lovely earthenware mixing bowl will not only look great in your kitchen (very important) but helps bakers to grip better. The white bowl interior makes it easy to check colours and consistency. Dishwasher and microwave safe. This is a great sized-bowl for cake mixture, bread and pudding mixes.

Kitchen Sieve Set with Rim (3 piece)

best utensils for baking cupcakes

These sieves are made from high quality stainless steel, finished off with rounded edges and the handle connection and mesh are a decent thickness. Very robust. No rust guaranteed. These strainers comes in three different sizes for different baking purposes, from straining tea to sifting flour.  Handy over-handing hooks make them easy to store and use over bowls and pans without them slipping in. Easy to use and clean; also dishwasher safe.

Sabatier Professional Stainless Steel Whisk

best utensils for baking cupcakes

Make sure you always have the right tool for the job with this high-quality Sabatier whisk with stainless steel whisk and comfort-grip handle. Whether you are a professional chef or a budding baker, this whisk will produce great results for meringues (try our Vegan Meringue Recipe) [INSERT INTERNAL LINK HERE], batter, crepes, pancakes or sauces. No lumps in your gravy! Very user-friendly and can be used by children and the elderly, with lightweight ergonomically-designed handles. Dishwasher safe. 20 year (yes!) no quibble guarantee.

Kenwood Electric Hand Mixer

best utensils for baking cupcakes

Kenwood make some cracking products, which can last for decades if looked after well. My mother-in-law still has a Kenwood Electric Carving Knife which must be 30 years old and works as new. This electric hand whisk comes with 2 stainless steel beaters, 3 speed selection, ejection button (for the beaters!) and practical wrap-around cable storage. 120 watt power. Three dedicated speeds for folding, mixing and whisking, and non-degradable stainless steel beaters for added durability. Comfort-fit handle, thumb-operated speed control and a useful cable grip – Kenwood have thought of everything! Will make short work of your cupcake mixtures!

Kenwood Prospero Plus Stand Mixer

best utensils for baking cupcakes

Another brilliant Kenwood product, something they are really knowing for – electric stand mixers. With a compact design, this mixer is ideal for smaller kitchens or where space is at a premium (or where you don’t use it everyday but don’t want to store it in the garage!). Variable speed control and a powerful 1000W motor, and 3 non-stick bowl tools: the K-beater, whisk and dough hook. The 4.3 litre brushed steel bowl is plenty big enough for most baking projects. If you need to do massive batches, you’ll probably need something larger, but for ‘standard’ occasional baking needs, this Kenwood stand mixer is great value. With Kenwood’s proprietary ‘planetary’ mixing action, everything in the bowl will be pulled into the mix.

Cupcake Icing Piping Bag and Nozzle Sets

best utensils for baking cupcakes

One of the most essential utensils for baking cupcakes is a decent icing kit. This decorating kit for cupcakes includes 14 different nozzles, a reusable piping bag, a coupler and a storage box. Everything you need to begin decorating your delicious cupcakes! Made from high-quality stainless steel, the nozzle size measures 1.8cm x 1.8cm x 3.3cm. Will not rust, get damaged or discolour. Whether you are a baking beginner or a seasoned expert, this icing kit will do the trick. The coupler will allow you to exchange the nozzles without needing to replace the icing bags. You’ll be able to make some super-fancy cupcake decorations using more than one nozzle style! Perfect gift for a budding baker!

58-Piece Icing Piping Bag and Nozzle Set

best utensils for baking cupcakes

The most awesome icing and piping bag kit, containing 58 different pieces. The sent includes 48 small and 4 large icing nozzle (for bigger cakes and cupcakes), 3 reusable piping bags and 3 reusable couplers (which allow you to swap nozzles without losing any icing). High-quality stainless steel nozzles and food-grade reusable silicone bags. With this kit you can easily decorate your yummy cupcakes, cakes, donuts and cookies. Full instructions included, showing every nozzle design piped so you know how your cupcakes will turn out!

Breville HeatSoft 7 Speed Electric Hand Mixer

best utensils for baking cupcakes

This Breville Electric Hand Mizer is well put together and lots of thought has gone into its design. The powerful 270W motor has 7 speeds (plus boost) and includes stainless steal beaters, whisk and dough hook. If you ever forget to get the butter out of the fridge to warm up in time, its’ patented HeatSoft technology can gently heat butter to room temperature. This should soften your butter 12 times faster than leaving it out on the kitchen worktop! The ergonomic design makes the mixer easy to hold, the control buttons for speed, boost and heating are all within easy reach of one hand. Practical and stylish, with some cool baking technology!

Philonext Stainless Steel Balloon Whisks (Set of 3)

best utensils for baking cupcakes

Made from strong stainless steel, providing double rust protection and should last for years. These versatile and flexible whisks come in 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch sizes. Perfect for cake mixture, beating eggs and making sauces. Ergonomic design. Lovely whisk to hold and easy to use. Completely rust resistant and non-adhesive, and heat-resistant. Whisks are notoriously difficult to clean; this one is super-easy and also dishwasher safe.

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