Our Guide to Silverwood Baking Tins

Silverwood baking tins are a distinctive range of bakeware, from a long-standing British family-run manufacturer. They produce tins in a variety of unique and innovative styles, many of which you won’t have seen before. They make products like versatile multi-size baking tins and attractive game pie moulds.

Silverwood Baking TinsBased in the Midlands, Silverwood was established in 1966 to supply schools and education authorities with tough, durable and cost-effective aluminium bakeware. They were going to get some punishment in school canteens up and down the UK. Since then the firm has developed a distinctive range of high-quality Silverwood baking tins.

All the bakeware is designed and manufactured in the UK. The products are not coated with a PTFE non-stick coating. Instead, the products use heat-spread technology, where the core material within the tins distributes the heat evenly throughout the tin or tray. This avoids any soggy bottoms or unintended burnt crusts.

The same properties allow these Silverwood baking tins to easily be transferred to the freezer.

All of the above qualities definitely make them, in our opinion, the VW of the baking tray world. Very strong, reasonably-priced and will last for decades if well cared-for.

We discuss in our guide to baking trays some of the considerations when investing in baking tins, including material, size, shape etc. Some of the considerations when purchasing a new set of bakeware are as follows:

  • Is the baking tin the correct size for your recipe?
  • Does the tin absorb and distribute heat efficiently and evenly?
  • Can your bake easily be removed and remain intact?
  • Is it easily cleaned and can it be stored without getting rusty/damaged?
  • Will it get better with age, rather than degrade in quality?

Silverwood baking tins are likely to exceed your expectations on all the above points. We know many people, ourselves included, who swear by Silverwood and they are often requested on the Christmas or Birthday wish list as the collection builds up!

Some of the reasons why we highly recommend Silverwood products, having tested out many of them ourselves:

  • Thinking back to the origins of the company, their products are built from heavy gauge alloys to ensure a very strong and robust construction – they’re well made
  • Many of their products have removable bases so that your baked beauties can be removed intact – no fighting with a spatula to ease them out
  • These are baking tins for serious bakers who mean business – the Silverwood cake tins are a good 3-inch deep, even deeper with the larger sizes
  • The square cake tins have welded corners so there is no leakage or warping
  • The baking trays or sheets are made from a rigid alloy, so unlike some of the cheaper or lower-quality products you can find online or pick up in bargain shops, the Silverwood trays won’t warp even in very hot temperatures

It is worth nothing that that the baking times may vary slightly from your traditional baking tins. It is worth reading the instructions about baking times for Silverwood baking tins. They can be shorter due to how effective the material is at absorbing and distributing heat. You may have to take your bake out a few minutes earlier or turn the temperature down by 10-degrees or so. Don’t get caught out!

We’ve picked some of our favourite Silverwood baking tins to share with you:

Silverwood Multisize Baking Tin 30x10cm

Silverwood Baking Tins - Multisize

Amazon Buy NowThis is one of the signature Silverwood baking tins, and we have had one at home for several years now. This is a very strong and versatile aluminium baking tray with removable partitions. This genius idea allows you to make cakes of different/non-standard sizes. Even more interestingly, it means you can make more than one cake in the same baking tray – so only using one shelf in the oven!

We’ve used this tray to make multiple fruit cakes at Christmas as well as making four different coloured sponges for the kids birthday cakes. Essentially you can use the removable slats as you see fit to make the size you want. The tin is not non-stick, and is easy to line with greaseproof paper so you don’t ‘cross the streams’ (for Ghostbusters fans) and lose any mixture between sections.

You can buy extra dividers to upgrade the tin, if you want to bake lots of small cakes.

It also serves as a multi-loaf tin if you are into baking your own bread.

Silverwood Anodised Round Loose-Bottomed Baking Tin 7″/18cm

Silverwood Baking Tins

Amazon Buy Now - Silverwood Baking TinsThis traditional round baking tin is an extremely well-made and efficient baking tray. Available in other sizes, we’ve selected the 7”/18cm diameter tin as these are sometimes harder to get hold of on the high street. The anodised aluminium is great at distributing the heat evenly around the tin. For those who aren’t metallurgists, anodising is a process whereby the aluminium is essentially sealed in. This process is similar to the application of a non-stick surface. This allows the tin to release your bakes easily, and is also easier to clean.

The loose base takes a bit of getting used to if you have been baking with solid tins, but the mechanism will improve over time. If you look after this tin it will reward you with a long and bake-filled life!

Alan Silverwood 2 lb Country Pie Baking Tin

Silverwood Baking Tins

Silverwood Baking Tins Amazon - Buy NowIf you are into baking some serious pies, this Silverwood Country Pie Baking Tin will be right up your street. Pie tins tend to be measured in terms of the weight of mixture they can take. In this case the tin takes 2lbs (pounds). The actual size is approximately 23cm long and just short of 8cm at its’ widest point.

This is a faultless product and will work perfectly for pie lovers. Silverwood assert their baking tins and moulds are non-stick, and this product certainly lives up to the claim. When we have used it the pie has removed from the tin really easily. The pastry doesn’t crack (this will depend how good you are at pastry!) and you won’t find any leaking jelly. This is an excellent product and worth that extra investment. This is a baking tin which will produce decent-sized, hearty pies and which should last for years.

Thanks to Lakeland for producing this great film about the signature Silverwood baking tin:

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