Hampers for Mum – The Perfect Gift this Christmas

Yes, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents for friends and family! This year will be particularly challenging to buy for. Following the pandemic, it is possible that ‘lockdown’ style rules will be in place at Christmas and New Year. Households may not be able to mix. People won’t be able to see their extended family in the same way. If your Mum, Dad or relatives have been shielding because of pre-existing conditions or age, you may not be able to spend Christmas with them at all. So, what are you going to do? Send a voucher instead? Dull. This the perfect moment to think about hampers for Mum, Dad, or anyone else for that matter. If Mum is a keen or amateur baker, there is no end to the gift possibilities. 

Sending Christmas gift hampers for your loved ones is a practical and thoughtful option. It shows someone they are on your mind at Christmastime, even if you are not physically together. Nothing will put a smile on Mum’s face knowing she has just received a hamper from her children but is clueless as to what is inside. What a joy!

Again, with the current state of the economy you may be a little stretched this Christmas. Don’t let your finances restrict you. You can find inexpensive ways to make Mum feel special with a hamper. It doesn’t have to be laden down with expensive goodies. A few of favourite foods, a bottle of her favourite tipple and maybe a thoughtful message from you or the grandchildren will make her day!

When thinking about hampers for Mum, particularly if she bakes a lot, what would bring a smile to her faces? For instance, what is her favourite biscuit or cake? Knock up a batch or her favourite shortbread or cupcakes! What does Mum drink at Christmas? Is she partial to some Baileys Irish Cream (which only ever comes out at Christmas!) or is she a Prosecco fan? Of course, sweets and chocolate always go down well at Christmas too. Maybe you can get a couple of packets of her favourite choccies to go into the hamper? What about some personalised baking gifts just for her? A few years ago for my 40th my sister bought me a lovely personalised micing bowl and an engraved wooden spoon, and they get used every week! 

In conclusion, Christmas hampers for Mum are the perfect socially-distanced gift for 2020. No need to hawk around the shops looking for lots of different baking items. Everything can be ordered online, and the hamper can even be made up for you. If you want to do it yourself, order a lovely basket or container online, buy some tissue paper or raffia and job done!

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