How to bake with loose bottomed tart tins

Springform or loose bottomed tart tins can be a bit of a mystery to the uninitiated. What is this alchemy? How will I not drop the cake if the base comes off?

When would I use loose bottomed tart tins?

These baking tins are ideal when you don’t want to – or can’t – turn your lovely bake upside down for removal. They are particularly useful at suppers or dinner parties where presentation of the final product is really important, and you need to avoid hacking at it with a knife or a spatula. They are one of a range of cake tins you should consider having in your baking arsenal.

Loose bottomed tart tins are baking pans typically in two pieces.

Loose based tart tins have the baking tin itself, plus a base which pushes out through the top. These come in various different shapes, which make them more versatile than the circular springform tins. We’ve baked pies, tarts, brownies and cakes in loose-bottomed tart tins.

Springform tins are slightly different. They are constructed of two pieces, (a) a ring with a buckled latch and (b) a removal base. The logic is that the tension of the sides holds the mixture in place. When the buckle is released (gently) after the bake comes out of the oven, the sides come away with ease and the base can be removed before serving.

Any cake or tart can be made in a spingform tin. Cheesecakes are particularly good when baked in a springform tin. One of my most triumphant creations was a very decadent New York cheesecake, which wouldn’t have been possible without a Springform mechanism.

One downside to these tins is that after time, constant use of the tin may result in the buckle losing its rigidity.

We recommend the following Loose Bottomed Tart Tins:

KitchenCraft Non-Stick Fluted Tart Tin

Loose Bottomed Tart Tins KitchencraftWith this Amazon bestseller from KitchenCraft, you’ll never have half-baked tarts or droopy flans ever again. Built from commercial-grade carbon steel, this tin is worth adding to your baking arsenal. This tin has been electroplated and sandblasted for extra strength and durability. This is not a tin which will start to warp or flake after a few months. The non-stick coating is BPA and PTFE free.

It comes with an amazing 5-year guarantee on the non-stick coating. For the price, the tin feels reassuringly heavy and good quality, with excellent results every time. Loose Bottomed Tart Tins - Amazon Buy Now

Dexam Non-Stick Rectangular Loose-Based Tin

Loose Bottomed Tart Tins - Rectangular with Removable BaseProving (ha!) that not all loose bottomed tart tins need to be round, this rectangular tin measures 36cm x 12 cm, with depth of 2.5cm (1 inch). Perfect for quiches, tarts or flans, and particularly good at producing professional-looking desserts like cheesecakes.

The high-performance non-stick coating comes with a 5-year guarantee. It is a great tin to work with, doesn’t feel flimsy or warp in the oven. Loose Bottomed Tart Tins - Amazon Buy Now

Jamie Oliver Non-Stick Round Springform Tin

Loose Bottomed Tart Tins - Jamie Oliver SpringformThis premium, heavy-duty carbon steel springform tin comes in an attractive duck egg blue colour so will definitely give your baking tray collection a lift before you even start! The Jamie Oliver bakeware collection has been designed with the professional baker in mind who needs perfect results and a showstopper finish every time. The dual layer of non-stick coating allows your bakes to be released with ease. The tin is smooth, highly-polished and the clip mechanism is strong and effective. A worthy purchase. Loose Bottomed Tart Tins - Amazon Buy Now

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