Make cheap hamper gifts look fancy

The best way to surprise someone on any occasion is to gift them something unique and personal. This can be anything from a shirt from their favourite football club to a piece of jewellery or a phone accessory. However, sometimes this can be tricky. You may not even know somebody that well or you don’t want to come across as inattentive. This is where a hamper can save the day. These economical and reusable gifts can easily be the best gift your friend or acquaintance has ever received. A hamper offers something for everyone and it is easy to make it more personal and stylish too.

Containers & Shred

The container in which you’ll put the gifts into needs to be odd for a reason. This way people can’t judge the real cost of things. Cheap hamper gifts usually come in a basket which is quite a common way to package gifts. On the other hand, a basket also makes a hamper look less elegant than, let’s say, a jar covered in glitter. That being the case, the more unusual of a design your hamper has the better.
To make cheap hamper gifts look more expensive you need to make them look full. The best way to do so is to use shred. Shred consists of long, thin pieces of tissue paper, newspaper brown bags or advertising flyers. You can curl shred to make your hamper look even better. Although you don’t always need shred it can deliver impressive results when you do.


Wrapping your container with cellophane gives it the illusion of a bag. This effect is best achieved by tucking in the sides of the cellophane roll with clear tape. Unlike, a clear plastic bag or cling wrap, cellophane gives the illusion of a luxurious gift. Wrapping a hamper in cellophane is best done with a twist tie. Whilst holding the front and back of the cellophane, start gathering it from the side. Then, get your twist tie and temporarily tie it all together. Afterwards, you can use a curling ribbon or a strong string to tie it off. Fold any excess cellophane under the basket and tape it.

Bows, Toppers & Ribbons

Either toppers, bows or ribbons should make it into your hamper gift. Why? Well, because they are suitable for every occasion. For example, bows are great for seasonal baskets full of treats. On the other hand, a baby shower hamper should include a rattle. Therefore, these little add-ons make hampers pop by providing something unique about them.

What to Fill a Gift Hamper With

The most common types of hamper gifts contain snacks and drinks. However, to make your hamper more attractive you need to put some fruit in it. Just make sure it’s not fully ripe. Only the fruit that is going to be exposed should be ripe. Additionally, you can add in your own cookies and fudge but remember not to spend over your budget. Therefore, if you plan to put some of your own baking skills to work, consider buying from your local bulk food store. Besides, this way you will lower expenses and make a unique and tasty homemade hamper.

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