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Like all artists, bakers are creators of art through food. The process of making bread, pies cookies and pastries with dry heat is one of the oldest cooking methods. Dating back as early as 5600 BC, baking is the foundation of cooking in general. This type of art form which we crave today can be quite challenging to master. To make it easier for a friend, gifting them something meaningful for their passion can help quite a lot. The best way is by gifting them something personal which will help you both to build a stronger bond too.

Wooden Spoons

Essential for every avid baker, wooden spoons although conventional can turn out to be the perfect personalised baking gifts. Besides wood is easy to shape and engraving a cheerful message can help build a long-lasting friendship.


A must for every baker, keeping their clothes clean is as simple as wearing an apron. What you can do here to make it more personal is to get one with a cheat sheet. By cheat sheet, I mean an apron with different measuring conversions on the bottom half. Just lift the apron and there you have it.


Every baker, new or experienced needs a scale. For accurate and easy baking, a digital baking scale is a great solution for every budding baker. What your friend needs though is a scale with their name or their business’s name engraved on it.

Rolling Pins

Wood is a material easy to shape to a craftsman’s desire and the same can be said for rolling pins. Therefore, embossing or engraving your friend’s name on one is a good idea. However, an even better idea is to make the rolling pin more artistic. Subsequently, an embossed rolling pin makes for a great finish for cutout cookies without the extra work that comes with it.

Cake Stands

If your friend is just starting out, gifting them something to make their cake decorating easier can be quite handy. In this case, personalised baking gifts that get half the job done are the best. Meaning a gift that helps make the decorating process easier but doesn’t do everything for them. Therefore a rotating cake stand is an ideal gift. As a result, rather than your friend going around the cake, they just spin it until they find the best angle.

Or more practical options…

If you want to take personalisation to the next level you need to get cake pan strips. With strips, your friend is going to get an evenly baked cake every time. Cake strips come in different colours and with different patterns and designs. Therefore, strips that match their character are the perfect combination of function and style.

If you want technology to be on your friend’s side, digital is the way to go. Like with a scale, a digital measuring cup will not only make your friend look fancy but it’ll make them feel that way too. Digital measuring cups are practical since your friend won’t have to eyeball every time they use one. Whilst the difference in accuracy can be small, it can greatly impact the quality of a dish.

If the conversion chart on the apron you bought them isn’t always in plain sight, get something more prominent. That being the case, hanging a conversion chart on the wall will provide your friend with the information they need at all times. Furthermore, you can even have one custom designed.

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