The Importance of Fairtrade: Celebrate World Fairtrade Day

World Fairtrade Day is an international celebration of the power of trade. This is a day where we reflect on what fairtrade means to us and why it’s important.

The vision behind Fair Trade Enterprises (FTEs) is one that stands for hope, equality and perseverance in good days or bad. FTEs work in solidarity with their producers, workers and trading partners. They stand by them through times when things are tough like during lockouts or pandemics.

We here at The Tray Bakers believe strongly in this message. Later in this article we’ll be showcasing some Fairtrade baking products you can buy online. This means you can support the Fairtrade cause and have fun in the kitchen at the same time! 

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) and World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) co-organise the 2021 World Fair Trade Day celebration. 

What does Fairtrade stand for?

“Fair trade”, simply put, is when producers in developing or emerging countries receive a fair price for their work by developed countries. Essentially, the price we pay for products should give enough to producers for them to:

  • afford life’s essentials
  • look after their families
  • invest in their local communities
  • safeguard the environment.

Fairtrade is important.

Not only does it strengthen communities in developing countries, but also reduces poverty and improves lives.

It benefits the environment by promoting sustainable farming techniques. This includes conserving water resources and keeping soil fertile for future generations.

Fairtrade enables producers of goods like coffee beans or sugar cane a better quality life. With higher incomes, they can afford basic things like food, clothing and education.

When did Fairtrade begin and who started it?

The idea behind Fairtrade International is to make trade fairer for producers of goods and services from developing countries.

The term Fair Trade dates back decades before World Fairtrade Day, when Oxfam UK started to sell crafts made by Chinese refugees in its stores. It created the first Fair Trade Organization in 1964. In Holland in 1967, a Dutch import organisation called “Fair Trade Original” was born.

During the 1960s and ’70s, non-government organizations and socially motivated individuals perceived a need for fair marketing organizations. These would provide advice, assistance and support to disadvantaged countries and producers.

Since January 2005, FTEs have helped small-scale producers in developing countries. They have done this by improving their incomes and fighting poverty by providing sustainable trading relations.

The Fairtrade movement has expanded to cover more than just coffee beans. It now encompasses bananas from Uganda or Costa Rica for example – as well as sugar cane from Ghanian plantations. 

How can manufacturers support Fairtrade?

One key way is to position the Fairtrade logo on your packaging. This shows shoppers that you value people in developing countries as much your consumers at home. It’s about valuing fairness for all without discrimination or prejudice. It means understanding there are no second-class markets because every person has the right to a living wage and decent work.

Baking with Fairtrade products is also an easy way for people at home in North America or Europe, Australia even Asia to support fairtrade .  Even if you’re using just one ingredient from the range of baking ingredients – like sugar cane molasses , cocoa powder made by small farmers – you can make a difference.

What are the benefits of Fairtrade?

Help the environment by buying fair trade products

Meet ethical standards in purchasing

Support women and children’s rights to work and education

Be a part of something bigger than yourself

Fair trade farmers receive more for their product (thus living above the poverty line)

Provides a guilt-free way to enjoy cakes and biscuits

How can customers support Fairtrade?

Join the movement, and purchase Fair Trade products from your local shops. Encourage those around you to do so as well! If they don’t have them in stock yet, ask that store manager/owner if it’s possible for them to be included within their inventory.

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