Ultimate Guide to Cool Baking Gifts

Put a smile on someone’s face with some cool baking gifts, which we cover in this guide. Whether it is for a birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day, forget the boring default card and gift voucher. Put some thought into it this year!

From vast marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy, through to bespoke independent retailers, there is a wealth of choice if you know someone who enjoys baking. Whether they like cakes, bread or biscuits there is a vast range of options to suit all budgets. Go for a funny, quirky present, something super-practical or even a gift with a touch of luxury. Also, personalised gifts always go down really well.

It’s easy to lose time though, scrolling through hundreds of products. To help you decide which are cool baking gifts (and those that aren’t), we have pulled together this ultimate guide of our favourite products! If your friend or family member spends the majority of the year in the kitchen baking and cooking, read on to make your life a lot easier!

Stand Mixer

This would make a very generous gift. For bakers all over the country, this stand mixer is pretty much the standard. You’ll be able to mix up a variety of batters without lumps, ensuring that your baking efforts are perfect every time. 

Bundt Pan

If your friend or family member’s speciality is cakes, a new Bundt pan is a must-have. There are a lot of great designs to choose from, but the Nordicware Heritage Bundt Pan is definitely the most eye-catching.

Sourdough Starter

For people who enjoy baking bread, a sourdough starter makes a really cool baking gift. It needs some upkeep, but it will help you make some fantastic loaves of bread right in your own kitchen. If you want to enhance the presentation, a stoneware crock is a good choice, but any container that can be kept protected will suffice.

Aebleskiver Pan

On weekends, nothing beats a lazy brunch with relatives. Breakfast classics include pancakes, waffles, and french toast, but an Aebleskiver pan makes a perfect gift and adds something different to the menu. This pan produces spherical Danish pancakes, which are mostly filled with fruit or jam and are as much fun to make as they are to eat. To go with the pan, a cookbook about these treats would be a perfect gift.

Stand Mixer Accessories

While a stand mixer is a perfect luxury gift, stand mixer accessories make excellent gifts for people who already own one. A bowl-scraping stand mixer attachment practically eliminates the need to scrape down the sides of the bowl as you mix. Less washing up! Alternatively, an extra mixer bowl for a brand of stand mixer she already owns would be very welcome.

Deco Pen for Icing

No need to force the icing to use a plastic bag with one corner cut off! These icing pens can easily decorate cakes and other pastries with this frosting deco pen, resulting in professional-looking results. It’s the same kind of tool that professional cake bakers use.

Novelty Aprons

There are some really cool aprons available these days. Why not help someone to feel like they are the Star Baker? Or, if they are useless with measurements, give them an apron with a cheat sheet designed specifically for bakers. The apron will show you the various measuring conversions so you never have to wonder how much to add in!

“I'm the Secret Ingredient” Oven Glove

With this fun oven mitt, you can definitely add some sass to your sauce. This pink mitt is screen printed with an all-over seasoning design and an extra helping of attitude on the front. It is made of 100 percent cotton with extra-insulation quilting. There are plenty of other novelty oven gloves available too!

Collapsible 3-Tier Cooling Rack

For bakers who never have enough space, this 3-tier collapsible cooking rack is a must-have gift. These racks fold flat for easy storage. They open up to reveal three cooling trays, plenty of room for cookies, cakes, and other warm-from-the-oven treats.

Mini Cake Pop Makers

Cake pops are adorable little bites of heaven, but they’re time-consuming to make. This mini cake pop maker will make your life easier. It can make several pops at a time and has non-stick baking plates that are easy to clean, as well as a cord wrap for neat storage. These make really cool baking gifts for adults and kids alike!

Wiper for Whisks

Anyone who has used a whisk knows how difficult it is to get all of the mixture out from between the wires. Nightmare! This clever cleaner will remove all traces of mixture from the whisk and bowl, as well as serving as a stand to keep drips off the counter. Genius.

Adjustable Rolling Pin

It’s usually a guessing game when it comes to rolling out pastry to the right thickness. For example, with the clever adjustable rolling pin from Joseph Joseph, you can make it an exact science. Because the removable rings allow for uniform thickness, thicknesses of 1/16, 1/6, 1/4, and 3/8 of an inch can be achieved. I have one of these and I will NEVER go back to a non-adjustable rolling pin!

Measuring Mat for Pastry

You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it once you have this pastry mat in your kitchen. This non-slip mat is made of food-grade silicone. It displays a variety of dimension, volume, and weight conversions, as well as handy measures for rolling out the proper length and diameter of pastry.

Bread Proofing Basket

Great bread usually means proofing the dough really well. This is where this gift set comes in. The wicker basket has excellent moisture-wicking properties, resulting in a crispier crust. Furthermore,  the linen cover is machine washable. The dough scraper will scrape all of the dough from the basket, resulting in less waste.

Macaron-Making Kit

Ah, oui! Give them the ability to make classic French macarons, and they’ll almost certainly give you one or two as a bonus. Well, they ought to. This is a win-win situation that can’t be beaten, and it gives everyone something to be happy about.

Digital Measuring Jug

No need to try and measure by eye. This digital measuring jug gives a digital reading. Don’t forget, for some recipes, baking is a precision game. It adds that extra level of accuracy that can mean the difference between success and failure in the kitchen.

The Baking Bible

When your friend or family member sees how much better their baking turns out when they follow the bible’s instructions, they’ll swear by it. No matter how much baking they’ve done before, they’ll learn something new from this book.

Cookie Cutter Sets

Not just one, but hundreds of cool baking gifts! With these cookie cutter sets, you’ll never be without a cutter. There are many different shapes to choose from. The only decision will be which one to choose first to make cakes or cookies for family and friends!

Marble and Granite Pastry Boards

This pastry board has a cool surface that is ideal for baking. If you add a little flour to it, the dough will not stick or heat up. This is a great set when combined with the marble rolling pin mentioned above.

Marble Rolling Pin

This is the type of rolling pin that every baker requires. Made of marble, it helps keep the dough cold while you’re rolling it out, and the extra weight makes it easier to flatten the dough. It’s pretty much a must-have addition to any baker’s toolkit.

Silicone Bakeware Set

These sets come with everything you’ll need to bake a lot of things, and they are made of silicone. Over the last 20 years silicone has gained a lot of popularity in the baking world due to its non-stick properties. You could choose a silicone baking set which includes trays and dishes, or gift someone a new set of silicone spatulas.

Rotating Cake Stands

These rotating cake stands make decorating cakes a lot easier. Rather than having the cake sit still while the baker ices it, the baker simply spins the cake to get the best angle while remaining stationary. Very practical.

Flour Sifter

You can’t call yourself a baker until you’ve sifted your first batch of flour. These very practical flour sifters are a great way to get started. A great gift for a baker who has a rustic kitchen because it will blend in nicely with the rest of the decor.

Bamboo Recipe Book Stand

This recipe book stand ensures that the recipe is always displayed at an angle that is easy to read for quick reference. Because it’s made of bamboo, it has a sleek and elegant appearance that fits in with the rest of the decor. It’s a lovely present for any baker.

As you can see – all sorts of cool baking gift ideas whatever the budget, whatever the baking passion!

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