What Are The Best Easter Baking Accessories?

The Easter school holidays will soon be upon us, so time to get baking with the kids to keep them busy! We look at some of the best Easter baking accessories available to create homemade Easter eggs and bunny-shaped biscuits.

If you’re looking for some tools and accessories to help the kids get creative this Easter Weekend, consider the following:

  • Easter-shaped Cookie Cutters
  • Easter Bunny Biscuit Moulds
  • Egg Shaped Silicone Cake Moulds
  • Easter Themed Edible Wafers for Cupcakes
  • Easter Shaped Edible Sprinkles
  • Giant Ostrich or Dinosaur Egg Cake Moulds
  • Easter Cookie Stencils

Easter Cookie Cutters

This Cookie Cutter set comes with 8 pieces including different designs like bunny, chick, egg, bunny face, butterfly, carrot and rabbit. Perfect for enjoying holiday baking with family and friends at Easter. Made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel, these cookie cutter shapes are rust-resistant, non-stick and easy to hand wash. Suitable for baking with your children and enjoying a happy Easter weekend!

Silicone Easter Egg Chocolate and Cake Moulds

Make your own Easter Eggs or Easter Egg-shaped cakes with these brilliant, colourful silicone moulds.  The attractive 6-cavity Easter egg shaped mould allows you to make some of your own chocolates, in case you aren’t buying enough from the shops! The moulds are heat (and extreme cold) resistant as they are food-grade silicone material. You can use these moulds in the freezer or the oven. Also, if you’re super-creative, think beyond cakes and choices – the moulds could be used for handmade soaps, candles and sweets!

3D Embossed Easter Cookie Cutters

This handmade Easter Cookie Cutter has 6 different styles. It can make cute rabbit, carrot and egg shapes. It is more three-dimensional and realistic than ordinary moulds. The cookie cutters are food-grade and environmentally-friendly PP material, non-toxic and tasteless. From a practical perspective, the cutters have a smooth edge to prevent little fingers from being hurt. Brilliant designs make brilliant cookies!

3 x Large Egg Cookie Cutters

A super-simple three-piece stainless steel Easter Egg cutter set. With 5-inch, 4-inch and 3-inch Easter egg shapes, they can make a variety of sizes. Used for making chocolate slabs, sponge cake shapes, pancakes, clay, cheese or jellies. Stainless steel is durable, sturdy and dishwasher-safe material. A small company called Keewah makes these. They are the brainchild of two brothers fascinated with the different cookie cutter shapes produced at their father’s factory. As they grew older, they came up with more and more fun shapes!

Easter Bunny Wafer Cake Decorations

These colourful Easter bunnies are made from edible wafers – they are ideal for adding a touch of Easter to your cupcakes. Cutting is not required as they are cut to size and ready to use. Sold in packs of 24 (perfect for two lots of cupcakes!), each bunny is 2.5cm in diameter and 2.5cm tall.

Cupcakes, fairy cakes, muffins, hot cross buns, trifles, and other baked goods can all benefit from these enjoyable Easter accessories.

Easter Silicone Cookie Stamp Set

Your kids’ cookie trays will be brimming with flavour and creativity.

These biscuit stamps are simple to use and have a good imprint. Place a stamp in the mould and gently press the cookies down to create a cute shape. Simply wash the stamps in hot water and let them air dry. When not in use, stamps stack together for easy storage. So simple, even a child could use them – oh, that’s handy!

They are ideal for stamping on cookies, biscuits, fondants, chocolate snacks and other creations. It’s also suitable for ink printing and other types of craft clay (if you want to do something other than baking!!)

Easter-Themed Edible Cake Wafers

These are super-cute edible wafers with pictures of Easter eggs, Easter baskets, Easter chicks, Easter bunnies and daffodils. They are great for cake toppers – sticking on top of cupcakes or biscuits.

You need to cut these toppers out with sharp scissors (a job for an adult). But they are then ready to decorate on cupcakes. Very sweet pictures, ideal for Easter baking with the kids.

These edible papers are made from water, olive oil, and potato starch.

Edible Daffodil Flowers for Cupcakes

These are not just suitable for Easter, but also perfect for any Welsh occasion! This is a pack of 24 2D daffodil/narcissus cupcake toppers, perfect for decorating cakes, biscuits and cupcakes. Perfect for Easter, obviously. These precision-cut wafer paper toppers are simple to use. They give your cakes the perfect finishing touch.

Easter-Themed Cupcake Cases

These Easter-designed cupcakes are high-temperature resistant and go straight in the oven. One step up from the bog standard fairy cases, these give an elegant and glamorous touch to your Easter Weekend. Plus they are of course safe to use being made from food-grade paper. With these lovely cupcake cases, you can give your cupcakes a special feel. The kids will love them! Click here for our perfect cupcake recipe (for beginners!)

Easter Embossed Rolling Pin

Use this embossed baking rolling pin in the kitchen or as a souvenir. It is a special and useful gift for everyone, family, or any occasion. A must-have for every Easter weekend!

You can use this wooden baking rolling pin to roll out cookies, cakes, bread, pies, biscuits, and pastries, among other things. It is fitted with metal ball bearings to ensure smooth movement and has an easy-to-grip handle for added comfort and control.

Made of real wood and is free of paint and wax, making it safer and more environmentally friendly.

Easter symbols, such as Easter bunnies, carrots, Easter eggs, chicks, flowers and butterflies are etched and embossed on the wooden baking roll. A really unusual and unique Easter baking accessory!

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